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This book, entitled: “Bogotá through the 5 Senses” was written with the aim of providing the reader with a different lens through which to see a city. This way, the visitor can explore new places by enjoying the sights, sounds and attractions which appeal to a local. It’s not a guidebook in the traditional sense but, more of a companion, an outline for your trip and an invitation for you to create your own exploratory route.

Bogotá is a city of more than eight million inhabitants, it spread out far and wide in a diverse, baffling and wild yet charming manner. There are countless regions for us to conclude that each person living here, be they a local or from elsewhere, can build their own city and form their own map of the city.

Candelaria Houses

The Non-Guide to Bogota - Book

Bogotá Through the 5 Senses is an awesome guide to travel Colombia's capital city as a local. You'll find a bilingual book full of stories, walking tours and illustrated maps.

Shippings only inside Colombia.

COP$25.000 + shipping.

The Non-Guide to Bogota - eBook

If you are looking for a more practical way to carry your travel guide, you can get this ebook.

You'll get two documents, english and spanish, full of stories, illustrated maps and walking tours.


Bogota Travel Notebooks

Bogota's got a lot to see, listen and even taste. Bogotá can inspire you in many different ways. Notebooks are a perfect companion to write and draw while you are travelling.

Shippings only inside Colombia.

COP$20.000 + Shipping

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