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Bilingual guide: Bogota through the 5 senses

Bilingual "Non-guide" to Bogotá

Find interesting stories from the city, both in english and spanish. Each "barrio" from Bogotá has its own history and is full of places to discover. Learn about them and walk around while reading everything.

Interactive and illustrated

Each map was illustrated, showing every building, restaurante, café and sights worth to be visited. Interactive pages will help you remember the best things you found during your visit.

Interactive Guide: Bogota through the 5 senses
Travel guide: Bogota Through the 5 senses

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  • English and spanish book
  • Illustrated maps
  • Shippings only for Colombia
  • COP$25.000 + Shipping

ebook: Bogota through the 5 senses

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  • 2 Documents: English and Spanish
  • Illustrated maps
  • Easy to carry on your phone
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Travel Notebooks

Dotted pages inside 5 Senses Colombia Travel Notebooks

Best companion

While travelling, you'll find lots of stuff that'll inspire you. Having a notebook where you can write and draw whatever you want is a nice option to remember what you saw.

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  • 80 Pages
  • Dotted design
  • Shipping only for Colombia
  • COP$20.000 + Shipping

5 Senses Colombia Travel Notebooks

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