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Candelaria 5 Senses Colombia

5 Senses' story

Over a year, we dreamed of publishing this book. Worked hard, walked through several streets around Bogotá, and even tried some of the best food we could find here. And finally here we are. The book is here with us, waiting for adventurous people to read it, have fun with it, and move around the city while having it in their hands.

Meet the Authors

This has been a great journey, full of laughs, history, and hard work. These are the ones who gave it all to bring this book to life.



Creative Tourism. We connect travellers with local hosts. Giving them the opportunity to enjoy our country the best way ever.

Richard McColl


Anglo Canadian freelance travel writer, PhD candidate and foreign correspondent based either in Bogotá or Mompos.

Chaló Chaló


Online store. Every single design is inspired on Colombia's culture, flora, fauna, people and the country's everyday life.

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Our book is the perfect guide to travel through Bogotá as a local. We know you'll love it.

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